Types of Padlocks, padlocks are used in many businesses, organizations and homes. Check out the information on different styles and types of padlocks.

Types of Padlock:

The body of a laminated padlock consists of multiple pieces of metal stacked on top of each other to form a tough, tamper-resistant lock.
Lockout padlocks

Padlocks designed specifically for use in lockout programs typically have a provision on the lock to write the users name and often come with only one key to limit access to the lock.

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Weather resistant – weatherproof padlocks
Weather-resistant locks either have a shroud to protect the lock from the elements or are constructed from weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel. Although regular locks will work outside for a period of time, they tend to rust or corrode over time to a point where they can no longer be opened with the key or combination sequence.

Combination Padlock With Key Control

A combination Padlock uses a rotary dial or series of buttons to unlock the device rather than a conventional key.
Combination padlock with key control
A combination lock with key control can be opened with a key or a combination. This type of lock is typically used in schools and locker rooms. The control key is capable of opening all the combination locks in that set.

High security padlock – High security combination lock
A high-security lock typically has one or more of the following options to increase its level of protection:
Hardened steel shackle
Shrouded shackle
Pick-resistant key cylinder
Reinforced locking mechanism to resist prying

Guarded/shrouded/shielded padlocks
A guarded or shrouded padlock has solid metal guards that protect and surround the shackle on both sides, leaving only the top of the shackle exposed. The guards make it nearly impossible to cut the shackle with a bolt-cutter.