As a homeowner, there are times when lock replacement may seem like the best option for you. However, most security experts agree that replacing a lock may not be necessary. Alternatively, locks can be re-keyed, offering the same security for less money.

When to Consider Lock Replacement or a New Key?

  • Moving to a new home. The reason we strongly advise buying new locks for your new home is that copies of keys may have been distributed over the years. Furthermore, some copies may have been made whose location is now unknown – whether by family members for previous boyfriends or girlfriends or by dishonest people who had access to the home.
  • A break-in. At the very least, we recommend people replace their keys after a break-in. That is particularly the case if the burglar got in without forced entry. Was the door open or did the intruder somehow get ahold of a key? New York crime statistics show that nearly all of the 40 percent of burglaries that gain entrance through a door do not involve forced entry.
  • Lost or stolen keys. If a set of keys to the house is lost, the first assumption should be that someone who wishes to gain access to your home has the keys. Of course, that is often not the case. Nevertheless, security experts preach preparedness, so if anyone in your family loses a key, you should strongly consider replacing your home’s locks.
When else might you consider replacing your locks?
  • Upgrading locks. If going from a single cylinder to a double cylinder lock or perhaps for a more secure mortise lock gives you and your family more peace of mind, you should upgrade your locks.
  • Fault locks. If you find that your key catches in the lock frequently, have a locksmith check it out. If they are unable to clean the lock and solve the problem, or other difficulties arise with your current lock, then getting a new key isn’t going to help much. In that situation, the source of the problem is most likely the lock and only its replacement will ensure a fully functioning lock for your door.